​Crush your Sales Targets!

Create an engaged, high performance, data-driven sales culture
​that gets the most out of your Sales Team every day

The life of a sales leader can be hard. ​There is constant pressure to grow, land new accounts, and close more revenue. It​'s hard to get your entire sales team on the same page​ every day. You know it’s not about one big deal or one day. You need to consistently perform every day — otherwise, you risk missing your targets, or worse, losing out to the competition.

Unless you enjoy giving motivational speeches every day, you need a better solution.

​Catalyst is a Sales Management System that enables Sales Leaders to build engaged, data-driven, high-performance teams

Create Visibility

Never be surprised again. Spot dips in daily sales activities right away and take pro-active steps to hit your goals.
  • Make sure your team knows their numbers every minute of the day with Channels.
  • ​Recognize your salespeople when they hit important benchmarks with Triggers.
  • ​See all your sales metrics across systems in one place with our ​Analytics and  Integrations.
Creating Sales Visibility
Building Sales Accountability

Build Accountability

Ensure everyone knows what is expected of them and how well they are doing every day so that you never miss your quota again.

  • Set clear benchmarks and keep your team on track to achieve them with Scorecards.
  • ​Coach your salespeople with regular feedback using our Performance Insights.
  • ​Combine different KPIs to create productivity ratios with Compound Metrics.

​Drive Motivation

We make it easy to keep your team's motivation levels high, come rain or shine​.

  • ​Get your sales team back on track by focusing on key metrics using Competitions.
  • ​Improve performance of your mid-level performers ​with Team Competitions.
  • Enable every rep to achieve peak performance with S.M.A.R.T goals using Scorecards.
Driving Sales Motivation

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